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New posts AT for everyone General topics that the Alexander Technique deals with and can help to most of us: performers, sport people, back pain sufferers, etc. AT for students There are themes that are directed to my own students to help them to clarify concepts. AT for Alexander teachers Although this posts are directed to my colleagues some people find it useful for their own understanding. More visual content… Read More »New Content

The AT directions: not just a mantra

When you are learning the AT, or you’re practicing it, you give the directions (think them): neck free, head forward and up, back lengthen and widen, etc. But because we, the teachers, place a great emphasis on no reacting (stopping your immediate reaction so that a new pattern can be established, in our jargon “non-doing”, stopping, “inhibition”), the directions become a mantra, a repetition of words that are disconnected from… Read More »The AT directions: not just a mantra