I’m an Alexander Technique teacher based in Sydney. I graduated in “The Constructive Teaching Centre”, in 2009, London. Since then I’ve been teaching full time in Madrid and Sydney. I’m also the assistant director of the training school “Sydney City Alexander Technique”. I’m member of ATE and AUSTAT.

Offer 30% off of your 1st AT lesson

To celebrate that the restrictions are lift for full vaccinated people you can get this discount in your first lesson until restrictions are completely lift in December. Send me an email and enjoy.    

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MAT is now open for teaching

I’m very happy to reopen. If you are fully vaccinated welcome to my Studio. The Alexander Technique teaches how to use yourself better in any activity you do. It gives you a long term relief of muscular pains, and better control of your coordination, balance, movement. You can improve steadily many aspects of your health. I invite you to try it just because it can show you a new way… Read More »MAT is now open for teaching

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Why the Alexander Technique (AT) is an essential movement technique for actors

When I came across the AT I’ve already trained as an actress with other movement techniques: Jacques Lecoq, Laban, Michael Chekhov,… and besides, I was a contemporary dancer (amateur). That’s why I wasn’t the best candidate to be impressed by a movement technique. However, it gripped me till this day. If you’re a performer is possible that you’ve already heard something about the Alexander Technique or it was recommended to… Read More »Why the Alexander Technique (AT) is an essential movement technique for actors