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The AT (Alexander Technique) is a self-help method that teaches how to change habits of thought and action so that a more effective coordination can be established.

When you learn the Alexander Technique you’ll enjoy a wider range of movement, better balance, and boost your performance in whatever you do in life. You’ll feel more confidence and calm. With practice of this technique you’ll learn how to prevent habitual patterns of co-contractions that tend to create a harmful use of ourselves (bad habits).

What does this mean?

It means it’s not a therapy as such. It’s not only something done to you. You are an active participant in the session. You learn through the experience of being guided in movement. The teacher will help you to improve your posture by specific manipulations, and you’ll collaborate with your attitude, attention and following instructions. In this sense it’s closer to an individual dance class or a sport coaching than a massage.

Even so, the lessons has therapeutic consequences:

  • reduction of muscular and joint pain,
  • less stress and anxiety,
  • better posture and therefore less pressure on vital organs,
  • and other secondary health benefits.


It’s hard to say when exactly these benefits will take place as everybody is different, but most people feel a definite improvement within the first few lessons. Of course, the more you practice, the more benefit you’ll get.

What are those “bad habits”?

The “bad habits” we try to prevent are habits of movement, posture and of “use”. The way we use ourselves is going to determine how we tend to react to any stimulus around us.

For example, if we hold a lot of muscular tension, we are going to be more prone to react faster and be more anxious than if we hold ourselves with ease. We would be generally calmer and would react more appropriately. The opposite case would be to do everything with an excessive relaxation of muscles. We become lethargic and our reactions would be too slow or nonexistent.

We need to find a middle ground where we can hold ourselves with ease and proper tone, with stability but without fixation, with freedom but with coordination. This is what we learn in AT lessons. We learn to control our “use” because we want to improve our general state, so that we become, in our thoughts and actions, more awake and attentive with the minimum effort.

Awareness of our use and the possibility to improve it by ourselves give us another level of joy in our daily activities. We are an active part on our health recovery and our improvement in our performance. We become more confident, responsible and proud of ourselves.

Start enjoying your daily activities from another level.

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